Sophie @ the Killenaule Hair Studio shoot



Thought I would share with you all one of re-touched shot I was working on last night for the make up artist of a shoot, yes Freya at Creative Cosmetics they are nearly done if you are reading this 😉

This is a crop of the original, with most work being carried out in Photoshop CS6.


Happy Easter and have a great weekend people 😉


British Summer Time

Get on your sun hats and put on your factor 50 !!

Next week it is the beginning of British summer time, it is amazing to think this time last year in the UK we reached temperatures of 21 degrees !!!

I’m moving……..

‘The End Of The Road’

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Sometimes when we hear and see the expression ‘the end of the road’ we tend to think that it means that we have exhausted or we have come to the end of situation, a situation we feel we have given our all and have nothing left to give, it’s quite often seen as a negative. Maybe we should see ‘the end of the road’ as a new opportunity and a positive for moving forward, leaving the past where it should belong and allowing us to push our boundaries and tread outside of our comfort zones, for then I believe this is when we truly live our lives and find the happiness each and everyone of us seek….

If you fail to seek you will not find….

Have a great weekend people, btw this was taken in Scotland, near Oban on a rainy day when for a brief moment the rain stopped, just quick enough to fire this off.

It was processed in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CS6, final adjustments in Nik Silver Efex Pro 2

Nothing’s Sacred

Nothing's Sacred

Nothing’s Sacred

This was taken at Crowland Abbey, Crowland, Lincolnshire. UK

Strange title huh ? Well look a little deeper into the shot and you may spot why I called it that ! Can you work out why ?
This was taken at around midday, a little cloud cover and quite harsh light, who says cant take photo at this time, I find B&W shots work quite well under strong light if the subject matter is textured, especially stone.

It was processed in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CS6, final adjustments in Nik Silver Efex Pro 2




Here is my first photo post taken in Oban, Scotland


Just testing things out, I plan to blog here from now on I look forward to sharing some techniques I use in photography with you all and at the same time sharing some of my photos.


Have a great day people 🙂

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